Project: Planet Superhero.

  • Clients: Vertis and Rewinder.

  • Start date: November 18, 2020.

  • Final date: November 30, 2020.

  • Project: Three pages of comic and character design.

  • Details: Vertis and Rewinder want to make a comic, to accompany their Christmas gift to customers.

  • Character Brief: A person who becomes a superhero, using the mask. The idea is to try to see the positive side of the pandemic.

  • Briefing of pages:

  1. Home office. By staying at home you have saved time, emissions from traveling, spending more time with your family, making bread, cooking...

  2. Breath for the planet. The absence of a man in the natural environment, has allowed animals to roam freely, the birds sang more...

  3. Contact with neighbors: Take the shopping to an elderly neighbor.

Sketches: Character design.

  • The cartoon style could fit well with the friendly aesthetics of the project and the dates around Christmas.


Process time:

  • Character sketches: 19.11.20

  • 1º Fedback: …

  • This is a more defined style. As this is a character who enjoys the comfort of being at home, I thought he should have comfortable clothes (baggy) and not vary too much from his usual look. In the last example (#3) I made an extra version with the clothes a little tighter.


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